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Return to the past - Quarterly Bulletin APCPV Edition 9 - April 1988


Another issue, Notes and Papers of Value, the No. 9, published in April 1989.

We will continue with the publication of the work,

In this issue we highlight:


"Policies of D.Maria and D.João P.Regente" Typology (morphological classification), by Mario Santos de Almeida

"Paperworkers in national note" Sheet 4, Néstor Fatia Vital

"Collecting Electric tickets" Paul J.B.Kruger

"Additions and varieties" (notes), by Antonio de Almeida Figueiredo

"Consortium Voutat and Escripofilia" Néstor Fatia Vital

"Complements to the Portuguese Tax history" of José Manuel Fonseca

"Open Letter about Lotteries" Mario Santos de Almeida

"Fiscal Mark" by Néstor Fatia Vital

Here we find another summary of articles published by our partners, we will continue, there are still many valuable works that will see the "light of day".

Make good reading .....