Tuesday, 17 January 2017 21:46

Return to the past - Quarterly Bulletin APCPV Edition 8 - January 1989


Another issue, Notes and Papers of Value, the No. 8, published in January 1989.

As has become usual we highlight the following works:

"Drawing, engraving and printing of Portuguese notes" - (ficha3), work by Néstor Fatia Vital

"1- The Notes, The Society of Jesus and Estremoz" by Javier Salgado Sáez

"Collecting letters" - 6.Letters of classification, José Carvalho Fonseca 

"Bank Cheques" by Fernando Antunes

"New bills and promissory notes for computers" Néstor Fatia Vital

Here is the summary of this issue, we are not tired, we will continue to scan the work to not be forgotten on the shelf, we will continue to be published.

Good reads.


cpv-n8- Janeiro-1989-A4